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Capital cities of the german federal states

Potsdam, Mainz, Saarbrücken ... Find all 16 capitals of the German states!

Europe Germany easy Highscore: 235,270 Top 10
Well-known sights in Denmark

Find famous sights in Denmark: The amusement park Tivoli, the Öresund Bridge, the chalk cliffs of Møns Klint or the point on the North and Baltic Sea confluence.

Europe Denmark easy Highscore: 85,234 Top 10
Italy's regional capitals

Rome, Florence, Milan ... Find all 20 capitals of the Italian regions!

Europe Italy easy Highscore: 231,408 Top 10
Capitals of europe

Everyone knows Paris, London and Rome. But how well do you know about the remaining 41 European capitals?

Europe Captitals medium Highscore: 258,645 Top 10
Wordwonders of the earth

From the Colossus of Rhodes to the ruins of Petra to the Taj Mahal or Burj Khalifa - 23 new and old wonders of the world are being sought in this quiz.

World medium Highscore: 29,558 Top 10
Places of the Olympic Games

In Athens, the modern-day Olympic Games were revived in 1896. Then the summer and winter games were held in large and small locations. Antwerp, Barcelona, Montreal, Sochi and Pyeongchang were there. Do you find the 43 locations of the summer and winter games?

World medium Highscore: 117,669 Top 10
Stadiums of the Football World Cup 2018

Luschniki Stadium, Kosmos Arena or the Central Stdion in Yekaterinburg: Find all 12 football stadiums for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Russia medium Highscore: 5,463 Top 10
Capitals of the world

There are 196 capitals in the world. How many do you know?

World Captitals difficult Highscore: 99,546 Top 10
The largest cities in Germany

Hamburg, Bochum, Munich and Dresden - from north to south and from west to east - big cities are everywhere in Germany. Do you think the 50 largest cities in Germany?

Europe Germany difficult Highscore: 139,187 Top 10
Cities in Denmark

Odense, Roskilde, Næstved and Copenhagen - Find the 50 largest cities in Denmark.

Europe Denmark difficult Highscore: 149,879 Top 10
Cities, mountains and rivers in Germany

The mighty elevation Hasselbrack, the idyllic source of the Spree or probably the oldest city in Germany Trier ... Find important cities, the highest mountains of all federal states and source and estuaries of rivers in Germany.

Europe Germany difficult Highscore: 58,270 Top 10